Smoking is injurious to health.

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Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. Smoking leads to many deadly diseases. People begin to smoke for the fun of it. They think that it’s easy to stop all of a sudden. The truth is that it is very difficult to quit smoking. My uncle began smoking one cigarette a day. He now smokes more than thirty cigarettes a day. Some people get addicted to smoking and needs to smoke cigarettes continuously. It is called chain smoking. When we sit besides a smoker, we unknowingly breathe in smoke. This is called passive smoking which is equally bad for our health. If a pregnant woman smokes it is harmful for her child. Smoking is bad for our skin and cause cancer. Smokers have dark lips and bad breath. Constant smoking destroys our lungs. It causes mouth and lung cancer and slowly leads to loss of appetite. When we smoke the tobacco in the cigarette burns and we inhale the smoke. Smoking gradually destroys our body part and so it is a silent killer.


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26 Replies to “Smoking is injurious to health.”

  1. Honestly, It is great! You should post some new essays from this kid here…I love the way she/he wrote this essay…idk😄👏

  2. Its an okay essay, your reasons are pretty good, but it lacks order. It seems more like you’re listing off random facts you found on the internet. Plus the sentences are choppy and way too short, giving the whole piece a very monotone feel.