If I were a butterfly

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Subject: Twenty sentences Essay/Speech on ‘If I were a butterfly’

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Grade- 5

Target Age Group: 6-12 Years

Total sentences: 18

 Contributed By: Shruti, class 5, The Hindu School Adayar, Chennai

The birds are so lucky. They can fly to any place they want. I wish I could fly. I wish I were a butterfly. Butterflies are so beautiful. There are so many colours on butterflies' body. I cannot believe that they are natural colours. It looks like beautiful paintings. If I were a butterfly I would sit on the most beautiful flower. Butterflies are lucky because their food is so sweet - honey. Wow! I can eat something sweet whenever I am hungry. I will fly from one flower to another like we play hop-scotch. I will sleep on a bed of flowers. Life will be so beautiful like a dream. I can visit so many places. I would like my body to be red in colour and my wings should have all the colours of the rainbow. My friends will be jealous of my beauty. Oh! How I wish I were a butterfly.



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