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We built a new house. My grandma loves farming, so she was adamant that there should be a garden in our courtyard. She also saw to it that it wouldn’t be a garden of flowers alone, but also of vegetables and fruits. I felt strange that there should be vegetables and fruits in a garden, usually, a garden is made of flowers. After the garden was made, I felt very happy because we can cook fresh vegetables from the garden.

We eat fresh and natural vegetables, without any harmful pesticides sprayed on it. I and my grandmother are the keepers of the garden; all the others are just visitors. Our garden is very neat and clean. Everyday morning, it is my duty to pick up the dried leaves that has fallen in the garden. The plants are planted in rows, so there is ample space to walk between them without tampering the plants.

My life has become very systematic due to the garden. I will tell you how! During school days I get up at 5a.m and during holidays I get up at 6a.m. This is to clean the garden. When I am in the garden I talk to the plants. The plants with which we communicate grow faster than the others. In our garden there are lots of flowers, vegetables and fruits. There are vegetables like tomatoes, bitter gourd, green and red chillies, pumpkins, long beans, curry leaves, cilantro, yam, ginger and turmeric. The fruit varieties are coconut, mango, jackfruit and bananas.

I am not mentioning the names of the flowers as they are the usual ones. During exams, I revise the answers I learnt by telling them to the plants while I am cleaning the garden in the morning. This helps me to recollect what I forgot. Since I get up early, I get time to go through what I forgot. The proverb- early to bed, early to rise is very true. By rising up early we get a lot of time, hence we can finish our work be out of stress.

My grandma also enjoys being in the garden. She grooms the garden by cutting the dried leaves and shaping the bushes. When we all are out, at work or at school, my grandmother passes her time in the garden: plucking, sowing, planting etc. She loves the chirping of the birds and the butterflies fluttering around. The best thing is that she doesn’t feel bored at all, especially at this age like her contemporaries. If my grandmother isn’t home she’ll be in the garden for sure. We all love our garden.


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