If I were the Education Minister

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Subject: Twenty Five sentences Essay/Speech on “If I were the Education Minister”
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Grade- 8
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years
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Contributed By: Priyanka Mhatre, Vidya Mandir Mumbai

We all dream, don’t we? Imagine your dream would become true one day! My dreams are mostly day dreams, especially when I am in my study room. One of my dreams was to become the education minister. If I become the Education Minister of this country, I think the first thing I would do will be to stop home works in schools. There would be no private schools and all schools would be under the government. There would be free education for all students. There would be only one system of education followed all over India. The textbooks followed will be the same, except for the regional language. This will help those parents who get transfers; it will be easy for them to do the follow up. Thus all Indians will have equal education, irrespective of their circumstances. I think our system of education is more theoretical than practical. So, I will encourage application level education. We students look like load carriers with our school bags. The number of books carried by students will be made less. There would be one big textbook for all the subjects. The notebooks would be different. Each academic year will have three semesters. So the students need to carry only one textbook for each semester. More co-curricular and extracurricular activities would be included in the curriculum. Martial arts would be made a compulsory subject in the syllabus. Admissions to schools would be through merit or entrance. There would be no compulsory interview or tests for kids in the preschool levels. Giving and taking of donations would be considered a crime and they would be strictly punished. We students often just mug up for the sake of marks, so there would be a limited syllabus and the things that are taught would be taught thoroughly well. Hence, children will have more time for themselves and can study by themselves without relying on tuitions or private coaching. Let’s see what we can do for the teachers. Teachers would be sent for workshops and renewal classes to keep them updated and to learn new methods of teaching, thus avoiding the monotony. The class strength would be just thirty students in each class and two teachers would cater to these students, so when one teacher goes for the training the other teacher can manage the class without any hindrance. Classrooms would be facilitated with modern equipments. Group work would be introduced which will include projects that should be done in the class under the supervision of a trained teacher, no projects would be allowed to be taken home. This is to ensure that things are done strictly by the students and not by the parents or outsourced. Now after writing this I think I should really become the education minister! So I’ve decided to pursue my dream and become a politician first!



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4 Replies to “If I were the Education Minister”

  1. Essay is good but after the beginning of the essay it is written that there would be no homeworks for students, therefore, in my view, (I m also a student) a student is nothing without a self-study and mainly most of the students will not study if homeworks are stopped.
    Rest of the lines is best and superb…