On a Rainy day

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Subject: Essay/Speech on “Rainy Day”
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Grade- 5
Target Age Group: 10-16 Years
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Contributed By: Tara Dutt,Mumbai

It is the monsoon season all around India. In the news we have seen rains lashing out in many parts of the country. Mumbai is already flooded. We the Mumbaikars have got used to water logging and floods. Children really enjoy the rain and the floods. This year it turned from bad to worse. All schools were closed, thank God it was declared a holiday by the government, the previous day itself. We stayed indoors and watched life through our windows. Water entered the flats in the ground floor. All the neighbours helped them shift their belongings and stay with them. So, my friends were staying with me. My parents don’t allow me to stay over in a friend’s place, so I was happy that now my friends were staying with me. Our neighbours were really sad. They had to bear with the loss that the rains brought. My parents were stranded in their work places. Some of them were waiting in the railway stations and bus stops. My mother, who goes by train reached three hours late and finally when she reached, it was declared a holiday. Many trains were cancelled, as the tracks were full of water. My mother had to wait in the station for about three hours, and later stay in a friend’s house that day as there was hardly any transportation available to our place. Although I enjoyed, I was a bit sad that my mother would not come that day. My little sister started crying when she didn’t see her mother, as usual. Mother also was much worried. My father struggled to put her to sleep. The next day also the rains did not stop. I could see some boys with tyres, swimming in the flooded water. The children in our building went to the terrace and floated paper boats. All the aunties who were at home made kachories and pakoras. It was as though we were on a picnic, with delicacies being served on and off. The main door of the flats were left open, we did everything together, and it was fun to run around. My sweet mother came by 12 a.m. the following day. We were happy to see her. My sister couldn’t stop pecking her cheeks, it was as though she was meeting her after years, she hugged both of us and started to cry. This rainy season was such a memorable day.



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