7 Points for a Good Speech

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7 important points/tips for parents and children  to prepare and deliver a good speech. 

  1. The most important thing, is the topic. It is better to focus on a single topic rather than speaking on many topics. Selecting a single topic makes our job easier, as we can focus our preparation on that particular topic. If we choose the topic from our daily life, the better, since we would be well acquainted with the topic.

  1. The topic should also be simple. We will be confident about something we know and so can speak about it. Whenever we come across a point, it is important that we note it down on a book, so that when we are in search of a topic, we need not look for it at different places. I suggest carrying a small book with us wherever we go. We should read the points we have jotted down as many times as possible. Each time we read, it gives us space for improvement.

  1. We must take care that we arrange the points in chronological order. This enables the listener to get a clear picture of what we speak, thus helping them to remember the speech even after we finish.

  1. We should follow the three P’s strictly- Prepare, Practice and Present. Preparing a speech in front of the mirror helps us to check our mannerisms, before it is presented to the audience. It boosts our confidence if we repeat the complete speech in front of our near and dear ones.

  1. A good speech should have proper opening, body and conclusion. The opening can be presented through a short story or by displaying pictures that is related to the topic. It is also a good idea to ask short questions and allow the audience to answer. This enables the speaker to grab the attention of the audience. The opening should be interesting but not lengthy.

  1. Next comes the body of the speech. Be very careful when you present the body! Many people try to showcase their knowledge here. We should take care of the time limit. During the preparation, you should take extra care to choose only a few but relevant points. All the main points should be supported by one or two sub points. Various visual aids, examples, facts etc. will help to make sub-points interesting. This will give a clear picture to the audience and also help the listener to ponder about the speech later.

  1. The third part of a speech is the conclusion. Every speech should be concluded appropriately. The conclusion should be presented in such a way so as to reinforce the main points already presented, so that the listener remembers what was said. We should not elaborate further during conclusion. Remember, the conclusion is the time to wind up your speech and enable the audience to have some “take aways” from the speech. So, we should finish the speech confidently.


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