Independence Day

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India was ruled by the British from the year 1858. Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India. This rule continued until 15th August 1947. On 15th August the British left India and India got its freedom, since then 15th August is celebrated as the independence day of India. The British had divided India into India and Pakistan. Pakistan celebrates its freedom on 14th August. That is the day when Pakistan was separated from India. Every year on Independence Day,the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag on the Red Fort in Delhi,which is the capital of India. Twenty one gun shots are fired in solemn honor. He pays tribute to the great leaders who lost their lives in the freedom struggle. It is followed by a speech by the Prime Minister. The Indian Army and the paramilitary forces organizes a march past on this day. It ends by singing the national anthem. The Chief Ministers of the respective states also hoists the Indian flag in their states. Various parades and cultural activities are also held. In every schools, colleges, government offices the national flag is hoisted and there would be speeches by eminent personalities. We can see the Indian flag fluttering in the streets too. As a mark of respect small flags are displayed on vehicles and also on the dresses of the people. 15th August is a public holiday in India as it is a national festival-the Indian Independence Day. We Indians should take care that it should not be a day of celebration and flag hoisting alone. It is our duty to educate our future generation about the struggle our leaders faced. I think that all educational institutions can enact a drama or depict something about the life of a freedom fighter, so that a feeling of patriotism is inculcated in each student. In this way pupils will be made aware of the hardships faced by our great leaders. Thus we can be sure that they will not take for granted the freedom they enjoy now, which is granted to them at the cost of the lives of our great freedom fighter.


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