Significance of Makar Sankranti

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Makar Sankranti is an Indian festival associated with the cycle of seasons. Its celebrated to mark the withdrawal of the southeast monsoons as well as the reaping time of the harvest season of farmers. festivities are spread over several days. Even though celebrated in different styles and names ,In many parts of India, this is symbolized by the distribution of til-gul - the til seed and jaggery.

The til brimming with fragrant and delicious oil, stands for friendship  and jaggery for the sweetness of speech and behavior. The distribution of til-gul (sesame sweet),therefore, forms a touching aspects of the Makara Sankramana celebration.In Tamilnadu Makar sankranti is celebrated as Pongal.

On the social plane, the Sankraanti carries a vital significance for social and national welfare. It is the warmth of love and fellow-feeling among the people of a society or country that ultimately makes them stand up in unison in adversity or in prosperity. It is the necessary lubricant to make the social machine work smoothly without friction.

Sankraanti, signifying light, also gives the message of intellectual illumination. It is the capacity to discriminate between the right and the wrong, the just and the unjust, truth and falsehood,. It is this discriminative wisdom - Viveka - which leads the individual on the path of enlightenment and human happiness. The present era of science and technology is indeed driving the modern civilization into over exploitation of natural resources and utter ignorance of mother nature. The growing catastrophic consequences of air, water and soil pollution are a few instances of how far our modern intellect has strayed away from the true path of intellectual wisdom. There for, Makar Sankrati as a way of respecting and celebrating Mother Nature holds tremendous significance.

The birth of Swami Vivekananda on the Sankramana day is an inspiring indication of the significance of makar Sankrati. In short, Makara Sankramana embodies the ardent prayer of Asato maa sadgamaya,Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya,Mrityoormaa amritam gamaya,Lead me, O Lord, from untruth to Truth from darkness to Light and from death to Immortality.

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Respected teachers and my dear friends. Today i am going to talk to you about Makar Sankranti and its significance.


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