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Respected teachers and my dear friends

Today I am am going to talk about National Sports Day.

August 29 is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India. Its the birthday of the Legend, Major Dhyan Chand ,one  of the best sportsmen ever to have graced the game of hockey .Hockey always has a special place among Indians. Our generation sometimes look back with a a sense of disbelieve about the golden era of Indian hockey, when India won three Olympic gold medals in field hockey in 1928,1932 and 1936. That era was led by none other than Dyanchand who scored 33 goals in 12 matches.Dhyan Chand was born in Allahabad to Sameshwar Dutt Singh. Dyan Chand joined the Indian Army at the age of 16 and never played hockey during his child hood. Slowly he was attracted to the game and progressed quickly to represent India.

In the 1936 Olympics, Dhyan Chand's displayed unbelievable skills with his hockey stick that a German newspaper carried a banner headline ,The Olympic complex now has a magic show too.' The next day, posters were displayed all over Berlin which showed 'Visit the hockey stadium to watch the Indian magician Dhyan Chand in action. There is also a legendary story  saying that his skills were so good and godly that in one instance  his opponents went on to physically check his hockey stick if there is a special glue which sticked the ball to his  stick. He scored over 400 goals in his career,from 1926 to 1948. .

After putting his stamp on international hockey arena, and having served his country to reach its pinnacles of glory multiple times, Dhayanchand passed away on 3 December 1979 .He remains a legendary figure in the Indian and world hockey. The most noted memorials for him is the Major Dyanchand Awards ,the highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games in India , and the National Sport day celebrations on his birthday.

Friends, Sports is a very important activity for Students. Its one activity which can help us to develop multiple qualities  like sense of togetherness, leadership skills, stamina, physical strength, planning and strategy , patriotism and team work. The qualities which helps us to excel in life. National Sports day is not only a tribute to one of greatest in the game, It also reminds us the importance of sports in our Life.

Thank you

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9 Replies to “National Sports Day-Essay/Speech”

  1. dhyan chand was greatest sportsman he won number of goals during his life time achievment he was having number of qualities stamina leadership togetherness team work etc he was rewarded by number of medals during his time period so thats why national sports day is celebrated by great enthusism and joy

  2. Major dhyanchand is very great man and he is played many matches and goal in 200 minimum when I read this essay/speach I like it so much