Kids Story Telling- Good Manners

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Good Morning Teachers and friends.

Today I am going to tell you  the story of Tomy. Tomy was an angry little boy. He was always rude with others. He used to scold and shout at his parents and brothers and never listened to them. He always made fun of others and never used the words like please ,thank you or sorry .

One day Tomy was playing near his home. An old lady came in and asked Tomy the way to the garden. Tomy shouted at her 'Go and ask somebody.Cant you see that I am playing .The old lady felt insulted.She had some magic powers.She  told Tomy,from now on ,whenever you tell bad words a scar will appear on your face.That evening Tomy was eating his dinner.He shouted at his mother because he didn’t like the food.Suddenly a scar appeared on his face.He then shouted at his younger  brother to a get a fork for him.Another scar appears on his face.Tomy lost all his control and left the room with angry.Suddenly he fell down from the stairs and broke his leg.

Tomy went to the room and look at the mirror.His face was full of scars.He felt really sad and started crying.He realized all his mistakes.Seeing this his mom and dad came to the room.Tomy told his dad “could you please leave me alone for some time “.The moment Tomy said the word ‘please ‘ one of his scar disappeared. Tomy suddenly felt happy.The  next morning was the beginning of new life for Tomy and he started using the words’ please’’ thank you’’sorry’ etc. All his scars disappeared gradually.One day Tomy met the same old magic woman .He ran to her and said.Thank you Madam.I realised my mistakes.Old woman patted at his back and said well done Tomy.keep it up .Now you are a good boy.

The moral of the story is 'Always be gentle and polite to others'.

Thank you


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