How i celebrated my birthday

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I was anxious about the day. I know  that my parents was planning something special for my birthday, as they always did, but this time,  got a smile back to my repeated questions. As different from last year, I didn't see any body invited this time and no shopping as well. Did they forget? I remember last year’s birthday bash, with all my friends and relatives partying, making it a lovely evening. That evening my parents took me for a shopping, gifted me some chocolates’ and a pair of new dress. I felt really happy and thanked them for their wonderful gifts. But what about tomorrows party? i again asked with excitement.My parents smiled at each other.‘Varun, we will go for a trip tomorrow. But make sure you take your savings box along’ Said my father.

I felt exited, a birthday tour. I felt like going to the moon. The next morning, i woke up early. I was not able to control my excitement. I took my shower and put on my new dress. My father and mother gave me a kiss and wished me all the best and gave blessings. We prayed to the almighty and thanked him for all the fortunes showered on us. I also prayed for an additional support for mathematics as I found the new lessons difficult to crack. I jumped into the front seat. I always loved my trips in front seats, sometimes annoying my dear mother. As we started our Journey, My father told me that today we will have your birthday lunch with some new friends. I was still confused to where we are going. Soon we reached the place. It was an old building at the banks of river periyar. Some kids were playing around. I felt like joining them but decided to stick on with my parents.  One elderly person greeted us and took us to their office. My father asked me to donate my coin box to that uncle. I saw a big smile in his face as I passed on my coin Box. I was a bit disappointed. The old man started explaining about his activities. Soon I realized that all kids which I saw playing outside where either orphans or under privileged, neglected by our society. He told us, how many of them had stopped going to schools and the difficulties he faced to build up a system to support them. Today 200 of those children is living in that place. I had tears in my eyes. I realized how lucky I am and felt really happy that my small coin box will go in support to his activities. He also told us the importance of supporting our society and why these kids deserve our support. He also thanked my parents for their decision to support  by deciding to cut off the spending of my birthday party and donate the money for a cause. He took us around and introduced us to the group of children. They greeted us and soon we became good friends. We started playing in the open ground and had a great time playing together.

Soon we were called for the Lunch. We all  sat in a big hall and took a delicious traditional lunch. There was happy faces all around. It was time for us to leave the place. I was  a bit hesitant to leave that place, as I again wanted to play with them. My father promised me that he will take me to this place often. As we drove back I told my mother- This was my best birthday party ever and the most inspirational day in my life. Thank you. I still remember the smiling face of my father as he drove us back home.

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