All that glitters is not gold- Essay/Speech for Children

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Our journey through life is always guided by decisions we take at each and every point in its course. Most of these decisions are heavily influenced by the initial information provided by our senses i.e. hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. But sometimes these information might be deceptive which could lead to wrong decisions being taken. The proverb ‘All that glitters is not gold’ captures the essence of this idea and warns us not to fall into the trap of external appearances. Gold attracted people from time immemorial  because of its glittering appearance. However, all that we see glittering around us may not be good enough. Appearances should be taken only for an initial impression, but conclusions should be guided by a deeper understanding. We should always remember that for the people of Troy, the Trojan horse, which the Greek left, appeared to be a harmless beautiful structure. They took it inside their city, without knowing that the enemy soldiers were inside. When the whole Troy was sleeping, the men hiding inside the wooden horse climbed down and opened the gates and the waiting Greek army entered and captured Troy. This story illustrates how appearances can be deceptive and decisions influenced by it can be fatal. Similarly, something which looks not attractive in its appearance also should not be underestimated. Mahatma Gandhi wore simple clothes, but he is still held in great reverence throughout the world. Abraham Lincoln didn’t impressed the world with his good looks but he is considered as the greatest American President. It is also common that people whom we expect to help us in trouble, stays away and unexpected people offers a helping hand. This should also be the criteria when selecting our friends. Remember a beautiful face is nothing without a beautiful heart.


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