Importance of Education- Essay/Paragraph for Students

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Nelson Mandela once said- “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Education by word is an enlightening experience. A process that cleanses the thoughts and mind of every person to experience the difference between right and wrong. A tool that helps a person to be focused and ensure to be independent enough to change self, family and society and the entire world.

Education ensures equality, self dependence, responsibility, confidence, humanity and expands the horizon of one's life. True Education doesn’t just mean studies through books and schools. Every learning experience make a person educated. The gathered knowledge will never be stolen from a person. Education can be utilized for exploration of the different dimensions of life and the human conditions.Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “Education is essential to good citizenship and that education is important to life because it enables people to contribute to their community and their country.”To nurture and transform a young mind to mature and responsible human being, education is the only path. Empowering women through education improves the morals at home and indirectly the society also.

Considering the importance of Education, good and quality education should be accessible to all children in the society which ensures the uplifting of self and the society in whole.


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16 Replies to “Importance of Education- Essay/Paragraph for Students”

  1. Education, along with helping shape a person’s ethos, pathos, and logos, also promotes society’s overall quality of life. This is proven by numerous studies that outline a correlation between an increase in education with a decrease in cases of assault, harassment, and suicide. Moreover, education stunts innovational growth; a group of well-educated individuals are likely to dissolve a problem faster. Consequently, humanity as a whole needs to take a stance to promote education in all parts of the world

  2. According to this article, I agree with her that education is very important in any country. I believe that education can change one’s life and contribute to one’s country. Because I feel the importance of education, all children should receive high-quality education.

  3. Nelson Mandela once said- “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” I’m very agree this point, absolutely, the reason why the world can become better and better is that these people who received good education have powerful affect to the world. On the other hand, education is the foundationand driving force of human development. We can broaden our horizon.For example,when we face to some questions, if we have more knowledge, we can deal with these questions more better. It’s determined by the educational background.
    On the whole, education determines the development of the world and our vision. if there is not education, we are not going anywhere and can’t understand anything.

  4. I very much agree with her point of view that education not only imparts knowledge, but also improves personal cultivation, and increases the sensibility of life, so that we can recognize ourselves and continuously improve ourselves. This is the important value and significance that education gives us.

  5. I agree with you. I also think it is very important to improve children’s education. A good education can give children a good starting point for education, which is conducive to their future study, life and work

  6. I agree with this statement and article. Since education accompanies us from the earliest years to old age, after all, we study all our life and really, if you know something, they won’t take it away from you, because upbringing is also education and others are drawn to such people. You yourself can sort out many issues thanks to this and teach others.

  7. Nelson mendala said, Education is the most powerful weapon. We can chang the world.I absolutely agree with this statement. Because point1. Education can chang the people so that, people can do better things in their can improve Humanities thinking. Point3.The world have been change for the better education.point4.Education can demolish unnecessary things from society. So that,people live together in society.

  8. I strongly agree with her. Education could change the world. As she mentioned ideas of Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela, I strongly agree with her. Good quality of education needs to provide all of world and also all of students. It is not equal that pool students couldn’t get opportunity of study. consequently, all of the students needs to have opportunity to have an education. Therefore, I strongly agree with it.

  9. Yes I do agree with the subject because the education has become more and more important in life. To create a society, People must be educated and conscious to develops the community. It is not possible to raise the community without education.

  10. I strongly agree with her because I thing if you want to be a vise and gain respect from society than education play a key role .

  11. Education is the most essential condition to elevate a person from ignorance to a realm that no one can reach, to enhance one’s temperament and abilities, as well as habits and self-discipline.

  12. According to the article, I agree with you. Education is a very important part of our life .Education makes our next generation better ,so that we can have a better future. Education also allows us to explore more aspects of knowledge and apply it to our lives. On the other hand, education also improves our quality and inner quality