Attitude is Everything- Essay/short paragraph for Children

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Attitude refers to what a person thinks about his or her surroundings and the way in which he or she interacts with it. A person’s attitude can be understood, not only by their verbal stance, but also by their body language, expressions and other mannerisms. The saying, “Attitude is everything”, draws from the idea that people who have the right attitude in life, are the ones who succeed. Having a positive attitude brings about a positive change in one’s life.

We are driven by our goals and dreams. But our aspirations are nothing, if not backed by a good attitude. Some people feel entitled to the world’s riches. But if they do not work hard for it, then their attitude will lead to their failure. The manner in which we treat other people displays our upbringing and our opinions about others. We should always treat people, the way we want others to treat us. Author of Black Beauty, Anna Sewell, said, “It is good people who make good places.” Those who have a good attitude create a warm atmosphere around them. This draws people towards them and helps build friendly relations. Such people can be relied on, and are usually very sensible. A lot can be risked with a bad attitude. People do not like to be surrounded by those who have a negative personality. This includes being rude, ungrateful and simply, unruly. We can improve our attitude by changing our thought process. If we start believing in the greater good, then we are bound to be positive.

An individual’s attitude is also dependent on their social groups and family backgrounds. In order to ensure that children develop a good attitude, families must take good care and constantly support them. We are as much responsible for our own attitude, as we are of others. A good attitude is very helpful in the long run.


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