Deforestation-Short Paragraph/Essay for Children

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Deforestation is a process which results in the partial or complete destruction of forests and the subsequent usage of cleared land to meet urban requirements. According to United Nations about half of the world’s tropical forests are destroyed every year and an estimated eighteen million acres of forest is destroyed per annum. Clearing of forest land for urban settlement and agriculture, wild fires, construction of dams which results in the destruction of forests in the catchment area or sometimes even cattle grazing are contributing factors which facilitates Deforestation. Deforestation has tremendous consequences and if allowed to continue in the present rate can even wipe out humanity. Forest plays a vital role in balancing life in our plant. It is also home to millions of species which completes the eco-chain. Deforestation also increases greenhouse gas emissions, interrupts the rain and water cycle causing water scarcity, increases soil erosion and decreases the natural beauty of an area. Deforestation can also lead to climate change and increase in temperature. These effects are so serious that countries across the world under United Nations has now taken key initiatives to address the issue and significantly reduce the rate of destruction of forests. Many countries have made laws to protect forests and many civil groups are now actively campaigning to bring awareness about the importance of trees. One of the most important organization working towards achieving this goal is the WWF. So what’s the remedy? As children can we play a role in it?  The remedy is reforestation, which is to increase the no of trees in this planet. We can work in our neighbourhood and spread the awareness about the importance of trees. We can set examples by planting trees in our home yard and in our school. Reducing the usage of paper will also contribute to reforestation. Millions of trees are cut every year for the manufacture of paper. Recycling of products or to give preference to recycled products helps. Promoting vegetarian food can also aid to this process


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