If I was a superhero- By -Anjali V

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If I was a superhero I would be a girl to stop time. I need this ability because I need to do the daily chores, complete my assignment and homework, play and spend time with my friends, and I’m not getting sufficient time so I need this ability. My greatest motivation is GOD. I would like my origin to be from heavens. I would want to have the ability to heal people.  I really have no desire to be invisible or capable of flying.  Instead, I would want the powers to heal others both physically and mentally.  This is an attitude that I believe to be useful to the world and result in beneficial improvements.

Generally a superhero’s goal is to do well and assist others.  There are multiple ways in which a person with special powers could accomplish this feat.  Although I believe that having the ability to heal people would suit me the best. Obtaining this power would not require me to wear any elaborate costumes or outfits.  Instead, I feel that I would prefer to dress like everyone else as to not distinguish me from others.  Showing our abilities off to the world can be detrimental as it may give you a large ego.  If I ever acquired this gift, I hope that I could spend most of my time using it to the best of my capability.

I understand that when people have immense powers we all have the tendency to become hungry for more and can misuse it.  With this ability I would be capable of healing people by mentally wishing them to be better.  This simplistic and minimal ability would be easy to carry out and be able to be accomplished quickly would remain who I was but would most likely carefully guard my gift from the prying curiosities of others.  This special talent may not be the most exciting or exhilarating as being able to fly or shoot lasers from your eyes, but it would still contribute greatly to the improvement of humanity.  This is essentially the purpose of having a superhero power.


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  1. Thank you so much because when I have written this composition in my I competition so I won the competition because it is very good good I thought no good it is excellent outstanding