World Environment Day and Role of Students -Malavika Krishna

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Every year, June 5 is celebrated as World Environment day , to raise awareness about the importance of protecting mother nature. A day to remind all of us that we are not alone in this planet and to warn us that if we keep on neglecting nature ,future generations are going to suffer . Look around us,Fumes of factories and vehicles suffocating the air; plastic bags, water bottles and other rubbish suffocating the road; a concrete jungle suffocating my mind…..this is what I see, when I get out of my house to breathe in fresh air. But it so happens that, fresh air and lush green trees are just dreams of children of this generation that may never come true.

We are not busy. We are so carefree and careless that we leave all the lights and electric appliances in our house on throughout the day, waste food, water, fuel, and each and every other resource that Mother Nature has given us. Have we ever thought what that one silly chocolate wrapper could do, or that one soft drink can, or that one plastic bag thrown on the ground could do to our earth? If you say yes, then why are our roads still stifling with this rubbish? Let our concern for nature not be nailed to a single day every year. We should act like responsible global citizens who are working together to bring that dream of each and every child true. This year’s theme is ‘Connect with Nature’. You might be wondering how to connect with nature in our urban concrete mazes. But fortunately, we just have to follow one single motto that is not unfamiliar and that is ‘plant more trees’. Now the truth is that planting more trees is just not happening. Instead more trees are floored. Let’s do our part by creating awareness and as the theme says connect with our beautiful nature.

We have to start appreciating nature’s wonders and try to make our surroundings livelier with nature. Grow plants indoor and outdoor; make bird feeders at your windows that will bring birds and butterflies fluttering into your neighborhood. Try going to the beach countryside during the weekend and take night drives to see the magnificence of Mother Nature. Appreciating nature and connecting with it will surely bring a positive feeling in ourselves and we will tend less to pollute her. She was bearing all the effects of all our misdoings until recent past, where she had to let out her sufferings and fury in the form of cyclones, landslides, earthquakes, droughts, etc. If we don’t start doing our small yet significant part at least now considering the fact that we are already late; clean water, clean air, edible food, beautiful nature, etc will just vanish and never come back. Be thankful for to god for his creations. Mother Nature is our responsibility.

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