Numbers-Simple Skit/Drama for UKG/Grade1/ Grade 2 Students

  • Contributed by : George K Solemn
  • Status : Teacher,Durban, South Africa
  • Age : 35
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Skit/Drama Script for Children
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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Total No of Students/Characters- Maximum 11

Character’s Name:

  • Zero, One, two, three etc. up to nine.

  • Teacher

Costume preparation:

  1. Numeric Numbers should be cutout in thermocol in different colors. ( 1 t0 9) according to the number of Characters. Size should be big enough, so that the audience can easily see those numbers.

  2. Pin or Fix the thermocol Numbers in each characters chest.

  3. Make sure that the shortest student, takes the role of Zero

Scene 1-

All Characters in the stage in order.

Character Zero should stand a bit far from the rest of the group.

Character 1: Hi Friends, my Name is One and I am smart and Intelligent

Character 2- Good to see you all, my name is two and these are my friends three, four and five.

(Three, four and five acknowledge by waving their hands.)

Character 6- I am six and I am a flexible athlete. There are my friends, seven, eight and nine

( All of them acknowledge by waiving their hands)

Character 1: What a fine day. Let’s all enjoy and play some games.

Character 2: Hey wait. Who is that guy (pointing at Zero)

Zero: My name……

Zero prepares to introduce but was interrupted by Character 3.

Character 3: He is our short fellow Zero. He is a useless guy

(All characters laugh at Zero, Zero Feeling disappointed)

Character 4: Oh Yes, He is always useless, he doesn’t add any value to anybody.

(Again all characters makes fun of Zero)

Suddenly the Teacher Emerges to the Stage

Everyone – Good morning Teacher.

Teacher: Good morning to all. How are you guys today?

Everyone except Zero: Feeling great Teacher

Teacher-(looking at Zero) - Hey Zero, what happened, Why are you so sad

Zero- (With Sad Expression) Teacher I am a useless guy. I don’t have any value if I add myself to them.

Teacher; who told you that you don’t have any value?

Zero: (Points finger at others) All of them

Teacher- Oh really!!! Let’s check it out then. Six can you please step forward.

Teacher: Ok now what’s the value of Six?

Everybody shouts- Six

Teacher: Zero, now you stand at the right side of Six

Teacher: Now what the value?

Every body shots and laughs- Six only

Four: We told you, he is always useless..

(Zero feels disappointed and frustrated)

Teacher: Zero, now stand at the left side of Six

Teacher- Now what’s the total value?

Everybody- (Astonished WOW.. SIXTY.

Five: wow that’s six times the value

Seven; that’s great, we always thought zero has no value

Teacher: Now, Nine. Please step forward.

(Repeats the same pattern with different characters by placing Zero on left and demonstrates that each time the Value was multiplied ten times)

Teacher: Students… I hope you now realizes the value of our Small Zero.  Never under estimates anybody in Life. Be always polite and getle with every body. Every body has some unique ability and talent.  Do you know that Zero was invented by Indians thousands of years ago and is considered as the  most important discovery in mathematics ever. Without Zero, mathematic is meaningless.

All Characters: Teacher, now we realise our mistake.. We all will be friends with him forever.

Zero Visibly happy, Shakes hands with every body

Zero joins the gang and all members jointly raises their hands.

The End.





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