One World- Short Essay/Speech for Children

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Can we imagine a world without boundaries? A world which is not divided by nation, religion, caste, creed and language .A world with no wars, where people experience ultimate peace, happiness, and get immersed in the laps of our mother nature. In that world, every evil will get destroyed through the collective wisdom of people and not through wars. This might seems like a day dream. But it’s the ultimate goal for mankind. Today philosophies of hate, mass destruction, killing and violence are evolving and spreading fast. Violence among women and children is at its peak. Wars are fought everywhere without any objectives.

Can we see a ray of hope? Life is all about optimism and positive thinking. If this world needs to change, only one force can make it happen. We the youth is capable of making this world united, safer, cleaner and stronger. But it has to start with a self-realization of our inner self. We are the only judges of our own actions and our tomorrows greatly depend on what we think. Future is nothing but the reflection of our own thoughts. Let’s look at this world in a different perspective. This world not only belongs to me and you. It belongs to everybody and our duty is to peacefully coexist and preserve it for the future. The ultimate reality could be one, but there are many paths to it. Everything in the world should be respected for the role it plays. Whether it’s a stone, the trees around us, the mountains, oceans, animals, plants or birds, all are part of this one world without which this world seems so dry and mechanical. Can we imagine such a world? If we can imagine like this, this thought will be the foundation stone for a one world. Start building this one world with this simple thought in your mind. From tomorrow onward, let’s look at everything around us in a different way. Let’s present a smile to our neighbors, Lets feel the raindrops, lets appreciate others views , Lets help other. This is how we should build a one world. A young, dynamic one world, built on values like love, harmony and mutual respect.

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