Being a Teenager- By- Sanjana Shetty

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It may seem a long and a hard way to go

But it's up to us, for 'how' we know

Cause' I know being a teenager is to rise and grow

To never bend down, to never let go


Get rid of that pessimistic-self doubt,

or from the race you will be out!

Set high goals, enjoy leisure

But never take too much pleasure!


Feeling down cause' something went wrong?

Well, there's nothing to worry, just sing a song all along!

Huh! Being a teenager may seem a great deal of responsibility,

but hey! you are filled with agility!


We have beautiful minds, which,

We must enrich, flourish and explore,

to soar high in the air and to achieve more!

Equally, it's a treasure hunt to our future.


So stay strong, be bold, be alert,

and behold for success to get on its way!

And I hope you acquire  what you may be looking for

Cause' being a teenager is just something you must allure for!


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