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The world is getting more globalized and is witnessing wealth getting accumulated more and more into the hands of few. The issues of poverty is elevating across the world, irrespective of development. If there is one factor which can further complicate and make these situation worse, it’s none other than corruption.

Corruption may be defined as the misuse of power or influence through monetary or other ways to gain undeserved benefits. Most common form is the bribe and kickbacks given or received to undercut the normal processes and gain huge, undeserved profits. It’s an epidemic which has infested all countries irrespective of their wealth or location. Corruption is now a reality and is present in every segment of the society, whether its governments, politics,judiciary, military or even media. Its will he be huge shock to know that the top ten corrupt countries in the world hold more than 10,000 Billion Dollars of black or corrupt money. This is much more than the national budgets of many advanced countries and so is a treat to even governments.

The effects of corruption has multiple faces and effects. The United Nations in its study has concluded that corruption breeds poverty and is a destroyer of human prosperity. The accumulated black money completely bypasses the tax systems, there by draining government income. This results in the decrease of public spending by the governments, there by affecting the lives of deserved citizen. Poor public spending will also negatively influence and drive away commented citizen as more and more people try to get away from taxes as they view it as useless. Another effect of corruption is the way it encourages unhealthy competition and destroys entrepreneurs and innovation. It gives huge advantage to incompetent players  there by destroying efficiency and competence. Now a days corruption has even infected the media,  which can lead to the propagation of biased and scripted news, heavily influencing the common man and the public opinion. Often, corruption also leads to the formation of organized cartels which is a threat to law enforcement and has the potential to destabilize the society. In short, it can destroy the progress of a nation and throw it back into the dark ages of anarchy.

So how we can tackle this problem. As children, do we have a role in it ? Yes. We are the leaders of tomorrow. Fight against corruption starts from our firm commitment that we will never pay bribes or will accept them in our life. If we can develop a committed young generation with this firm belief, we can make a big change. We have several examples of how a committed leadership can make a big impact against corruption and black money. We will also commit our self to report corruption to the concerned authorities. Another solution is to go for complete digitization and making the process more transparent to the public there by eliminating the chances of corruption. So let’s be optimistic and dream about a corruption free society in our life time itself.

Note: For speech on Corruption, Please include an introduction part.
Respected dignitaries, teachers and my dear friends. Today I am going to talk about corruption.


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