Child abuse and role of students- Speech/Essay for children

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Respected dignitaries, teachers and my dear friends

Today I am going to talk about a subject which many hesitates to discuss. Yes. It’s about child abuse.

Every day, we hear incidents about crimes against children which are widely reported in our media. We used to wonder how a human can misbehave with a small , innocent, helpless child and some times takes solace to the fact that it happened elsewhere and to an unknown child. But the fact is today, one out of three girls and one out of five boys are subjected to sexual abuse before they reach age eighteen and approximately five children die every day because of the consequence of child abuse. This also means we are losing the energy and focus of our young generation and today child abuse is considered as a wide spread epidemic against children. It’s a criminal offense and the world is gearing up to stop it.

Any form of violence or mistreatment, be it physical, sexual or psychological against children may be considered as child abuse. It also includes neglect by parents or caretakers or failure to act after receiving information. Child abuse can happen anywhere, be at your home, bus, school or anywhere we interact. It is estimated that in ninety percent of the case ,the victims personally know the culprits and sixty five percent of the cases are committed by family members. A good percentage of the cases actually goes without reporting because of fear.

Child abuse has terrible consequences. It can inflict serious mental disorders and depression. Often, the victim loses confidence and slowly becomes introverts. It’s found that they lose their overall personality and sometimes slips towards smoking, alcoholism and drugs. Their low self-esteem might trigger suicide tendencies and in some cases the victims turns violent. We can imagine if this  tragedy happens to a brilliant boy or girl whom you know. Fortunately,most of the cases, if detected early can be treated using counselling and other treatment and can be brought to normal life.

How can we prevent it? The first step is to raise the awareness around student community that this is a wide spread problem and can happen to anyone at any time. Often the perpetrators are the most unexpected faces. There should be a good understanding about to what extend others can behave with us and we should realize what good and bad touches are. If we think that the line is crossed we should have the courage to respond or at least avoid the scene to prevent the situation from getting worse. The second and the most important step is to report the incident to the concerned people. It can be to your parents, teachers or enforcement agencies.Often, the victims are subjected to repeated assaults, if the culprits feels confident  that the matter will never be reported. We should always be open towards our parents and maintain a friendly relation with them. If your friends suddently starts behaving in  an unusual manner we should  enquire about it . He  might be a victim trying to cop up with the tragedy. Give confidence to such people.Always make them understand that hiding incidents will only invite further complications .Even though discussing with friends might help to an extend , reporting to seniors should be done. We should not take any chances and  should never be ashamed of talking about it. Our courageous act will also inspire others to follow us.

Let’s all dream about a society where there is zero child abuse. Let’s all join together and work towards it.

Thank you
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