Visit to a Circus Show-Essay/Paragraph for Children

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It was one of the most memorable day in my life when my father announced that the coming weekend we all will go and watch circus. I couldn’t control my excitement and jumped up and down and I don’t know how I managed to spend that Saturday night as I was not able to sleep properly. The day came. The show was scheduled for 4 PM. Myself, my sister, dad and mom took a 20 minutes’ drive to marine drive where the great Majestic circus was running for the last one week. We grabbed our tickets and took a front row.

It was a huge tent arranged in a dome like circular shape. As expected, it was a full house. The show started with a spectacular introduction light and sound show by the dancers. The clowns then took the stage. Then came the gymnasts with their amazing show of flexibility and acrobats. It was breath taking when the gymnasts were performing the trapeze acts and tightrope walking. I was thinking how much efforts and training these guys might have underwent to perform so precisely. A single error would have been disastrous even though the safety net was there in place. It was then the turn of cyclists. The balance and the control shown by them was truly unbelievable. I wish I also could perform some stunts like that with my cycle. This was followed by the motorcycle performance called death well. The motorists performed inside a huge well like structure and mesmerized the crowd with some amazing and daring stunts.

Finally, it was the turn for the animal show which I was anxiously waiting for. Initially different parrots came on cycles and elephants played cricket. Off Course, the balls used were footballs. One of those balls landed just near to my seat. Lions and the black panthers behaved like pets, listening and obeying their masters. It was only at the end of the huge group show, where all artists took the stage I realized that three hours have past and the show is going to end. That day remains one of the best days in my life.

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