Technology -Advantages and Limitations

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Technology is an integral part of our life, be it at home or at school. Gone are the days when, we used mobile for just making calls, now it is efficiently used as camera, online shopping and so on. Gone are the days when we use cycle as a mode of transport, now cycling is for exercise and weight reduction.  Which world are we in? We are in the world of AI. (Artificial intelligence)

Technology has its own advantages.

Lot of development have been made in the field of communication and networking. Facetime and google video call is no longer new to us. Bots are everywhere. IPhone seri as voice assistant, Amazon Echo as call assistant, Microsoft Cortana as meeting assistant…what not!!!Sandy Robot is a robot invented in India, by a company in Pune. My parents were even planning to get one at home.Robotic surgery is already in its pace. Many progresses have been made in the field of agriculture and biotechnology.

As we rise in this world, sometimes I worry whether we are in right path or not?

Today, everyone is busy and have no time for people around. Everyone is hooked to their phone. Children prefer video games and phone games rather than traditional family games like Scrabble, Ludo etc. Many kids get deviated with online chatting and gaming. Lack of physical work is causing health issues in adults.

Anyway to summarize: Anything in excess is poison. Hence, let us wait and watch!!


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