Parents are Visible God- Speech/Essay for Children

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Respected judges parents and my dear friends

A warm good morning to you all

Everyone loves their father and mother. Don’t you? There is no doubt that every child sitting here loves and respects their father and mother. However is there any difference which we can find unique in India in our attitudes towards parents? Yes, we should be proud to say that in our culture and tradition, our parents are treated as equal to god.

Our parents are the one whom we interact daily. Every day we see how they struggle to keep us happy. Our parents work hard to give us the best. They sacrifice their luxuries to provide food and education for us. Thats why we consider them as visible god. Indian Culture clearly defines the importance of expressing love and obligations towards our parents. Our ancient Vedic text says ‘Matha Pitha Guru Deva’ which means father, mother and teacher should be treated as god itself.

Bhagawan Vishnu Once said to Marekendeya Rishi that Those who serve their parents, thinking that their father  as the Lord of Universe ,Mother as Holy River Ganga are my best devotees. This Simply demonstrates the importance of serving our parents. Infact, Bhagawan has himself demonstrated how we should respect elders and parents. Sri Rama, chose to  to  to forest for 14 years  to keep his father’s words given to his step mother. Even though he underwent years of hardship, he never became angry with her and forgive her.

Another example is the story of Ganesh and Karthikeya. Once mother Parvathi set a race for them.  She said that both should race by travelling around the world and the one who completes first will get a special mango. Hearing this Subramanya Immediacy started and flew on the back of his peacock. But Ganesha started walking around his parents. As he completed his third round Karthikeya finished his trip and landed. However Parvathi declared Ganesha as the winner after hearing Ganesha who said- My world is my parents and I finished my travel around the world.

Another example is when Guru Shankaracharya’s who as a boy saw his mother struggling to bring water from a distant river. One day when she fell ill, Shakaracharya and his friends dug a channel from the distant river right up to his home so that his mother don’t need to struggle to get water.  He also gave a promise to his mother when he took the decision to be a Saint. He kept his words by fulfilling the wish of his dying mother and appeared before his using his Yogic powers.

Dear Friends, Its time to realize that the very existence of us is because of our parents. Serving them is the most pious act as per our culture and tradition. So today lets take a pledge that we will always listen to them and will never hurt them through our actions or worlds, We should always love and respect our father and mother   and help them when they need.

Thank you.


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