Environment Protection and Indian Culture

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Isavasyamidam Sarvam

Yatkincha jagatyaamjagat

Tena tyaktena bhunjitha

Maa grdha kasya svidhanam

(the entire universe is pervaded by the Almighty, lust not after the wealth of others)

Good morning distinguished judges, Loving parents, and my dear friends.

“Your planet needs you - Nature is at your service”

"You give me and I give you".

Which is the Slogan of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program)

Since ancient years,Indians has stood for nature, environment, man, and for the coexistence of all these.We in India believe that the entire universe, is the manifestation of God and everything in this universe contains divinity . So we Indians respect and worship all living and nonliving things which became the part of our culture. Nothing is insignificant in this plant and all these living and non living things are inter connected and required for the existence and well being of all. The entire living beings depends each other for their life. We see the roots of trees absorb their food from the earth and their leaves with the support of sunlight and air prepares their food. The human beings, birds and animals get food from these trees and plants. The trees purifies the air hence we get life air. Hence without trees, birds and animals human life cannot be possible on earth.

It is very interesting to know that the ancient Vedas, the treasures of vast knowledge, reveal the consequences and effect of environmental degradation, ecological imbalance, and related subjects that directly indicate the high level of awareness of the people of that time.

Mahendro Malaya Sahyo

Devatatma Himalayo

Reyo Rayvathakovindhyo

Girischaravali stadha

We worship all these mountains as divine.  When this becomes part of our Achaaras or rituals, no mountain will be destroyed by people. We all know the story of Load Sree Krishna, who asked to worship Govardana Giri, the mountain

"Gange Cha Yamune Chaiva Godavari Saraswati,

Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru"

All the above seven rivers are considered as sacred and we worship them. Our ancient Rishis wanted us to maintain the eco system of our planet by not destructing or exploiting mountains or rivers.

The Rig Veda clearly mentioned the presence of a protective layer 'OZONE layer' that filters the harmful rays of the sun; and prayed to “ASHVINS” for the protection of the earth from the radiation and solar flares.

According to Vedas, Non-violence means non-injury to both the living and the non-living creations of the nature which is the core of Indian philosophy.

Vedic astrology signifies 27 stars and every star has animal and trees that also shows the relevance of animals and trees in the environment.

In Upanishads Sages perceived the existence of god in trees, herbs,   water, air, fire and those were gifted to living beings  as a companion hence we should protect them. Why? Our sages understand the importance to protect the environment.


In olden days in India, Rishis lived in forest among wild animals as friends and loved each-other.

However most others continuously tried to exploit nature and used the word that we should conquer the nature and considered our reverence to nature as superstition. Air, water and land are the three basic forms of life.   Tremendous spur in population along with massive industrialization and unscientific urbanization has led to the contamination of these amenities with undesirable and harmful substances leading to health hazards.

Due to indiscreet human activities, modern civilization is experiencing calamities such as wrath (anger) of flood, global warming, Climate variation, Tsunami and earth quake etc. etc.

It is because of the planet we are living here, our very existence is because of planet. We live in this planet because of river flowing, sun gives light, heat and energy, trees bear fruits, cow gives milk, birds and bees do pollination, and earth gives shelter and food to eat. All the creatures on planet including human beings are significant, nothing is insignificant. What we inhale is the trees are exhaling, what we exhale is the trees inhaling. This constant process is going on without any interruption. Without air we cannot survive on earth for a moment.

All the creatures, from plants to animals, birds to insects, including human beings have contributed tremendously the comforts which we are enjoying today. How we keep the atmosphere around us, our mountains, our water bodies will determine the nature and quality of our life. In fact our environment is our life, hence we should protect it. 5% of species are extinct which is alarming. We should use the planet with care.

Global warming is alarming , glaciers are disappearing, most important cities of world including New Delhi is not fit for healthy living due to pollution. Crops are washed away by floods in unprecedented way. Why? These are the direct result of human activities. We exploited the planet.

We are the hope for our future generation’s quality of life. We should protect the environment to protect us with care.

Now as you know UNEP urged to maintain or protect the Forest, SARPA KAVES, Ponds, etc. which have been maintained by Indians as traditions and rituals to protect the environment but the western world and new generation people understand the importance of it very late.

“Your planet needs you - Nature is at your service.”  Care them for our survival.

Thank you all

If we consider the entire universe as a big tree then all living beings are the roots, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of that big tree. If any living being is extricated from earth, then that insufficiency will be experienced.


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