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Once Maharshi Valmiki asked Devarshi Narada, is there one, such a human being, who lived his entire life in this world with  auspicious qualities, valorous, righteous behaviour, who fulfilled obligations and grateful to all help rendered, truthful of word,  who had loved all, who knew his own self, who had conquered anger,  and is devoid of envy.  Sage replied: Yes,  Sri Ram, son of  Dasaratha lived in this world with all these noble qualities.

We are always in pursuit of happiness. Our education, career, marriage everything we do is in pursuit of happiness. We try to find happiness in material gains and objects.  To experience happiness within us, we should remove fear, ego, hatred, jealousy etc from our mind then automatically we will start enjoying happiness irrespective of any adverse situations outside. We need such an ideal person to follow who lived with all these qualities and never lost balance of mind irrespective of any adverse situations.

Yes, Sri Ram is an ideal personality, who lived a most exemplary, idealistic life. He was an ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband, ideal citizen and an , ideal king,   with all noble qualities.

Ramo vigrahavan dharmah” scriptures say ; He was the embodiment of Dharma.

Aahara nidraa bhayamaithunam cha

Samanymetat Pashubir naranaam

Dharmohi tesham adhiko vishesha

Dharmena heena pashubhi samanaha

Eating, sleeping, procreation, all these are common to human beings and animals but human beings live with Dharma  is the only difference from animals. He is an ideal for us to live with Dharma.


His love for Jadayu, squirrel and monkeys, are examples of his immense love towards all creatures.

Sree Ram had killed his fear within by facing the challenges. When we become fearless faith will born.  We even do prayers out of fear.

Sri Ram had no ego. When ego comes every thing will go, when ego goes everything will come.

Sri Ram had killed jealousy within. We should be able to celebrate others success. Jealosy and celebrations cannot go together. That’s why we are unable to celebrate our success.

Sri Ram was an ideal human being. He buried his evil within, that’s why his love was flowing without any barriers of caste or creed. He ate all fruits  which Sabari, the low cast lady offered to him.

The day fixed for his coronation as Yuva Raja, he was told to go to forest for 14 years. Without losing the balance of mind, without any complaint to Kaikeyi, without claiming his right as the eldest son, he took it positively. He used this adversity as opportunity,  Seeing positive in negative is a good quality, so he is an ideal personality which we all can follow.

As an ideal king who ensured justice to not only for human beings but for all creatures hence we talk about Ram Rajya. Sabke saath Sab Kaa Vikas

He was an ideal son, hence he obeyed his father, sacrificed his comforts to ensure father’s promise to mother Kaikeyi is fulfilled.

As an ideal husband it is his dharma to protect his wife. He wept many time for his wife when she was abducted by Ravana. He searched for his wife, made agreement with Sugriva, organized Varana Army, built  Ram Sethu, fought with Ravana and saved Sita.

As an ideal King it was his higher dharma to prove that he is free from allegations. He had no option but to sacrifice his wife for the nation.

Sri Ram was revered and worshipped not because of his wealth, qualification or positions but irrespective of all situations, he did not lose the balance of his mind, he did not compromise his values and ethics, he did not deviate from his Dharma.  Righteous living has been the guiding light of Bharat’s  great cultural heritage.

It is not important what you gained in life, but it is important how you lived the life. It is counted how much you have contributed to the world. Live a life by leaving a legacy. Live an ideal life which the new generations can follow. Live an ideal life like  Sri Ram lived by which you will be remembered always and our nation will be proud of you.

Jai hind



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