Memories-Poetry by- Sidharth Vattezhath

  • Contributed by : Sidharth Vattezhath
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 7
  • School : Leaders Private School, Sharjah.
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Life has some wonderful remembrances,
flashes of thoughts and instances.
When the future unfolds, they come into focus,
helping or warning for the journey thus.

All our memories start from here,
the home we spent our childhood years.
We learned life’s lessons from the dwellers of this abode,
they made our life in to an easy mode.

Thoughts of childhood, tranquil and sweet,
sometimes disrupting, but mostly a treat.
Passing as fast as joy filled days,
savoring till they go without a trace.

Our fondest memories are shared with friends,
We’ve fought endlessly and made amends.
We think of them as our very own,
forming a bond as strong as stone.

A powerful part of our long strife,
helping in removing every obstacle in life.
Leading us like a shepherd with his flock,
through a path so clear, devoid of any block.

Happiness can be summoned from the moments in the past,
as soon as we wish, they appear lightning fast.
They are stored with hordes of energy and thought,
this wonderful sensation cannot be bought.

The deeds we’ve done in the past,
either dissatisfying or noble.
They are engraved in the memory of the recipient,
our good actions to them will seem undoable.

Others deem us by our actions,
A hero or a foe to all.
The ways we might be portrayed are endless,
to be remembered and loved by all is our goal.

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