Taj Mahal-Short Paragraph/Essay- By Basheer Ahmad,Class 11

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Taj Mahal is a magnificent architectural beauty situated in the banks of river Yamuna in India. It was built by Emperor Shajahan as a dedication to his wife Mumtaz in 1643. It is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is in this place, the tomb of both Mumtaz and Shahjahan is located. The legend says that after the death of Mumtaz, Shajahan decided construct a suitable everlasting monument for her and ended up by constructing Taj. Irony is that the final days of Shah Jahan’s life were spent helplessly looking at his most loved Taj Mahal ,as he was captivity by his own son Aurangazeb in a fort across Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal was constructed using pure white marble and is one of the most splendid pieces of architecture in the world. Its estimated that a total work force of about twenty thousand workers were involved in the construction of Taj Mahal which took approximately 20 years to complete. In 1983, UNESCO declared Taj Mahal as a world heritage site. Since then the place attracted a lot of domestic and international travelers and is currently one of the top tourist destinations in India. It is estimated that around forty thousand people visits Taj every Day. Sadly, off late, industrial pollution around Taj Mahal has threatened to destroy her beauty.  Taj Mahal is losing its original color because of heavy air pollution from factories situated around. Many efforts and on to reduce the effects and the courts have even ordered to shut down the pollution causing factories around Taj. This essentially raises the importance about the conservation of our ancient heritage building and also about the threat of Air pollution and its devastating effects. It’s our duty to protect Taj from destruction so that the next generation can see and appreciate her beauty making it truly everlasting as wished by Emperor Shahjahan.

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