Say No to Bullying- Essay/Speech/paragraph for Children

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A student’s world, with all its charm and glory has its own bad face too. Students experiencing bullying in schools is one among them. Any kind of abuses, threats, intimidation or physical abuse which one experiences can be considered as bullying and it is a fact that it is happening everywhere around the world. Unfortunately bullying is wide spread among schools. It is estimated that one in every two students experience bullying at school. And seven out of ten students reports or complains about it. This shows how big is this problem. The wide spread trend of crimes, alcohol consumption, drug abuse and suicide tendencies among youngsters also should be read along with this issue.

Bullying has many negative effects. This includes Depression, anxiety, sadness and loneliness, loss of interest in social Health complaints, health issues like digestion problems etc. The worst is, all these are can result in a decreased academic performance and many end up as drop outs from schools. Bullying can not only affect the direct victims but sometimes those who witness the same also could be affected.

There are many reasons why some children engaged in bullying. The most common reason is poor parenting or the family atmosphere where they feel insecure or face abuses. Children raised in such circumstances may not realize that their behavior is bullying. Other habits like alcohol consumption and drug usage can make problems more complicated.

So what is the solution? The first thing is to always engage in an active communication with our parents and teachers. Any issues which we face in school should be reported to them. If we come to know that any of our friends have experienced it, support him and encourage him to speak up to his parents and teachers. However, the most important is our determination that we will never ever engage in bullying. If every child can take up this wow, we can see bullying disappearing from our campuses. So always be firm in our stands- Always say No to bullying. It’s bad for everybody.

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Respected Teachers and my dear friends,

Today I am going to talk about bullying and about the importance of the slogan, ‘Say No to Bullying’

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