A visit to a place- By Malavika Vinod

  • Contributed by : Malavika Vinod
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  • Class : 2
  • School : The Indian Community School Kuwait-Khaitan
  • Age : 7 years
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It was a calm and bright morning. I, my mother and father were going to a hill station. We were going in my favourite bullet!!! The vehicle which I love the most! By 10: am we were climbing the hill. And on the way we saw many birds and animals like-peacocks, monkeys, eagles etc. And we also heard the birds singing merry songs. When we were at the top of the hill it was so cold that we did not expect this much. And I saw it all…..the whole scenery from the very very very very top point of the hill , and I told my parents : its really a  big surprise for me!!.The white fog which made everything invisible was enjoyed by me to the fullest. I tried to climb a tree with my father’s help. It was really superb. I was wishing for a long time to climb a tree. And my dream came true. I really enjoyed each and every moment. We had organic fruits and juices from there. The tea plantation was an amazing sight. The most and much awaited scene was the water falls. The white colour water falling from the rocks above was a wonderful sight. When we started our return journey I begged my father to take me there once more….

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14 Replies to “A visit to a place- By Malavika Vinod”

  1. She has a gift of making the tour along with her through her vivid descriptions in simple but enthusiastic style.