Essay on A Day At The Beach-By Sona Subin

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Travel is generally a pleasurable experience. It is a kind of activity, which almost all the people is the best way to have fun and to enjoy with our friends  and families.  I love travelling and going around the world to visit many places.

One of my favorite place to visit is the beach. It feels so fresh, cool and relaxed. I enjoy playing in the beach, building sand castles .It is one of the best place where you can enjoy with your friends and families.  Once I had gone to a beach at Kerala along with my cousins and family.Me and my cousins held our hands together and walked towards the water, each time the waves washed our legs. You can enjoy a lot when you go to the beach.If you go to a beach at the evenings you can see a beautiful sight of the sunset.If I was at the beach at the evening I would surely have taken a selfie of me and my cousins with the sunset behind us.

I have a great habit of collecting the shells. I have a lot of shells now in my house. I love to draw and paint on it. Last vacation  when me and my cousins went to the beach we decided to have a sand castle building competition, and the person who wins the competition will get the shells which I had collected last time and painted. I had to work hard on the sand castle to keep my shells safely with me. I decorated my sand castle with shells around it and a small flag at the top written like this – “The castle of magic shells”. Finally I won the competition and got my shells safely with me. I enjoy a lot when I go to the beach

This vacation we are planning to go to beach with my cousins, and will conduct a 60 seconds Sandcastle building competition which would be very hard. The prize will be the best of the shells I have painted. I am so eagerly waiting for that moment to arrive.  I hope that you all will enjoy a lot at the beach like me. It will be the most memorable day of your life and please don’t forget to take pictures of this

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  1. Needs a lot of improvement. I am a grade 9 teacher. You should not post essays on the internet. People can steal it/ plagerism. Ok darling. Next time