Visit to a national park- By Mahmud Muhammad Auwal,Nigeria

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I visited Yankari National Park in the year 2017, I went with my father who works with Nigeria Red Cross, they had a program there. Yankari Games Reserve is located in Bauchi State, Nigeria. By the entrance, there are security men ready to welcome you with a pass which allows you to enter, there is a painting of an antelope and the name of the game reserve written boldly on the wall of the gate. It made me feel welcomed.

We were then allowed to drive straight in to the pack were I saw a lot of different trees, shrubs and flowers along the tarred road.As we approached the pack, I saw a lot of beautiful building and at the middle there was a big sculpture of an elephant and finally we were given a key to the chalet were we kept our things, we change our cloths and went to the spring which is called Wikki warm spring. We had a lot of fun swimming because the temperature was friendly. Then, we went for dinner at the park restaurant where I was served Indomie noodle and fried eggs, it was very delicious after dinner we went to the chalet to sleep.

In the morning after a breakfast of chips and egg, I went to play tennis with my dad and some friends. I had a lot of fun. We went back to the spring to cool off, before taking our lunch and prepared to leave the park.Before leaving, we visited the mini museum at the park, where we saw a large ostrich eggs, different kinds of dead birds preserved, a leopard coat, a large picture of a lion, an elephant bones, and skin of crocodile, the skill of a mountain goat.I saw a lot of baboons roaming about in the park. We were warned to be careful of what we carry as the baboons can attack one looking for what to eat.There were also warthogs around the spring and chalet looking for rice to eat. Yankari game reserve is indeed a place to visit and an experience to remember.

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  1. wow! What a great write-up, I pray that God should bless you and enhance your brain.