A visit to Korrent Hamlet Park

  • Contributed by : Aisha Mustapha
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  • School : Solace Modern School (Elementary)
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I lived one of the precious moment of my life when I went on a school excursion to a place called Korret Hamlet Park in Jos plateau State ,Nigeria.

We set out around 9:00am by bus .we sang a lot on our way going, and on arrival at the park we were welcomed by Mr. Ogoh one of the park coordinators. He took us round the park and showed us the different fun facilities in the camp. We were divided into groups, I played a lot of games such as horse riding, jungle house, aero plane lift, and car riding.Around 12pm, we took off some moment and had a small picnic with our friends, my aunty prepared spaghetti, meat, and some fried banana for me. I shared it with some of my friends. I also had some juice and biscuit thereafter. My friends also gave me some meat pie, and couscous that her mother prepared for her.

After the picnic, we took a lot of pictures in the park including picture with our teachers. I really had a nice day. I look forward to going to Korret Hamlet Park some other time. March 18th, 2018 remains unforgettable to me.

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  1. I’ve always known u to be a Star. May you continue to shine and shine. Keep rising my girl. The sky is your stepping stone.