Essay on Visit to my grandparents home -By Shaina Evanka D’Cunha

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It wasn’t exactly the longest time ago that I went there yet the memories are ever so fresh. I mean, how could someone forget such an exotic place? It all started last summer when we set off to grandpa’s place. To be extremely honest with you, I wasn’t really excited. I did try to somehow avoid going there but I guess the odds weren’t in my favour. It was a long journey from Kuwait and a very tiring one indeed. Finally we reached grandpa’s house and I have to admit, I was pretty judgmental earlier. The place was phenomenal. It was a quiet country isle. We had reached just in time for sunset and were lucky to capture the picturesque sight of the golden sun melting into the sparkling blue waterfront. Fireflies were buzzing about and illuminated the naked trees. The view soothed me and the tiredness left my bones that instant. The next day, grandma took me to the barnyard where her domesticated “family” lived. I have to tell you that I felt so much more connected to the land and sky. I never thought something as basic as a country side could be so marvelous.

However, the best part hadn’t come yet. During one of these days grandpa told me about this favourite hiding place when he was a kid. This led my parents, grandparents and I on an unplanned picnic.  The forest was absolutely enchanting and for a minute I felt I was in the set of a movie! Leaves paved the path to the deepest ends of the forest. I was kind of scared at first as I wasn’t used to the insects and reptiles along the path. Grandpa however, told me about his “heroic” adventure in the woods when he was about my age. He had an encounter with a python and rescued all his friends. This somehow gave me a sudden surge of adrenaline and I was determined to be a mini scout girl too. The forest turned out to be magical. Not the spells and powers type but it sure felt like that. The creepers that hung from the trees behaved like a curtain. Upon walking through, one is greeted with lilac and elderberry on either side. A thin brook of water flowed down the path due to the overflowing of the riverside nearby. The skies always had a tainted orange and blue hue. After the long walk our feet were sore. Grandma suggested that we must sit by the rocks and snack on her homemade chicken sandwiches and drink some cold orange juice. The feeling was exhilarating. My hair flew across my face as the warm loo blew through the forest and the trees rustled. The water droplets which were carried by the wind sprinkled lightly over our faces. Father insisted on taking a canoe ride down the lake, just how he and friends used to when he was younger. A fisherman down the lake offered us a ride. It was just like in the movies, a wild water rafting experience. Even though we were drenched from head to toe, our smiles proved that it was totally worth it.

We also set out to some of the heritage sights in the vicinity. I was simply awestruck by how even in olden times the construction was so deftly put into work. Every wall had intricate paintings and designs on it. The most admirable thing was the people’s intellect. Each and everything had a purpose and a designated place. The next 10 days flew by so fast that before I knew it, we had to bid goodbye to the countryside.

Despite its dearth in technological advancements and concrete skyscrapers it was a beauty in its own. After this trip I preferred the quiet farmyards with little shacks, magnificent flowers and animals of different types, its sweet-smelling air and out of this world scenery. I could run across the fields of golden any time of the day and wade through the silvery waters. I had foamy eyes before leaving. I promised my grandparents I’d be back, back for more adventures in this now familiar place. Back to submerge myself into the roots of this place, back to the place where my heart truly lies.

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