A Visit to a waterfall – By Minnath Hafeez

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This article details a one day trip made as a jungle safari during last summer vacation.

Last summer vacation I was in India with my family. We were planning to go for a jungle safari, so we booked our tickets for it. A week has passed by, so Sunday morning, I woke up exited while my sister was still sleeping. It was 5 o’clock when all of us got ready and got in the car. There were 2 cars. My sister and my parents got in one car and myself in the other with my grandparents. When we arrived at the place, where our tourist bus will reach, my cousins started to ask for their food so my aunt gave us some bread and jam. By the time the bus reached. We took the bags and got inside and from there we started our journey. First we reached butterfly garden from where we had our our breakfast. After that we roamed around the garden enjoying the sight of beautiful butterflies on the plants. It was the for the first time I saw such varieties of butterflies.

The tour guide took us to Athirapilly waterfalls. He told us that we could find many monkeys on the trees. There was a huge thin hanging bridge which measures 50.m, where started to cross. There was a wonderful view from the bridge.  My uncle started shaking it for fun which frightened my grandmother, my mother, my aunts and even my cousins. We had a lot of fun crossing the bridge.Then the tour guide asked us to go through a passage which would lead us to a huge waterfall. The passage looked like a secret passage because it was filled with lots of trees and many flowers there were also a lot of monkeys and at last we reached the beautiful waterfall. Many of us took photos and videos and enjoyed a lot of fun time together. Then the tour guide took us to a small hotel for our lunch. Then we passed through a deep forest where we saw lots of birds, dears and buffaloes. And at last it was time for us to leave the forest. As we heard a rustle of trees, my cousins started saying ‘lion…lion…’ suddenly herds of elephants crossed the way and blocked the vehicle’s way ahead. It was dark in the night. The vehicles stopped and people started taking photographs. It seems like families of elephants going together with kids. We enjoyed that sight.

It was late at night when we reached back our home. I was very tired that I fell asleep very fast. I will never forget any of the sights and I really felt as if I was dreaming….

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3 Replies to “A Visit to a waterfall – By Minnath Hafeez”

  1. A good narrative of the visuals seen and the enjoyment felt. The narrative also gave the reader as well the same feelings which the author felt. Excellent effort and keep improving..