Importance of Yoga for Children-By Roopesh Ravindran

  • Contributed by : Roopesh Raveendran,MPT, FISS, MSc Yoga
  • Status : Parent,Yoga Trainer and Pysiotherapist
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Today’s busy world has influenced the way children enjoy their childhood. They live a very competitive life, trying to find a space for them, while they strive to balance academic and non academic chores. They feel lost trying to leave up to the expectations of their parents, teachers and the community at large. This often has undesirable effects, leading to stress, anger management problems, reduced attention span, hyperactivity, poor academic performances, and their total emotional wellbeing.

Yoga opens a new avenue where children start to learn techniques to master their body, breath and mind. When children start practicing the Yoga techniques it cultivates in them a sense of contentment and inner peace. This knowledge when put to practical use helps them to navigate with ease through the turmoil of life and opens to them another dimension beyond the material world.

Asanas which were developed many thousands of years help children to develop physical strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and balance. It develops self-esteem and body awareness through physical activity. The asanas take inspiration from the nature for example the ‘vriksasan’ or tree pose, ‘parvathasan’ or mountain, ‘bujangasan’ or cobra, ‘mandukasan’ or frog poses etc. This helps to foster in children a sense of oneness with nature and will develop in them cooperation and compassion instead of competition.
Yoga postures incorporate breathing, works at a subtle level activating the neuro-immuno-endocrine connection. In addition breathing techniques improves their vital capacity, enhances lung functions, and improves oxygenation. Meditation (dhyana) which involves focussing (dharana),leads to calmness of mind, concentration, clarity of thoughts and induces relaxation.

An integrated children’s yoga program need to incorporate storytelling, fun, physical activity, breath awareness, mindfulness/meditation and would help the practitioners to benefit from stillness, balance, flexibility, focus, peace, grace, connection, health, and well-being. Parental involvement, right guidance and consistency in practice are the key for reaping maximum benefit from the yoga practice. Yoga would lead the children beyond the limits of body and senses. This transcendence is the need of the hour for all conflict mitigation at personal and at social level. Let us offer the knowledge of yoga to our children and make them better global citizens for a peaceful world.

Roopesh Raveendran. MPT, FISS, MSc Yoga
Yoga Trainer & Physiotherapist.

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