My visit to Ibadan -By Rokiba Adelabu

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August 3rd 2017, remains memorable in my life, I travelled to Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. We set out for the journey around 6am with my mother.  Earlier,At a park, I met a man who developed likeness for me and bought a small story book for me, titled ‘Alice in the wonderland’.  I love the story book a lot. It kept me busy throughout the journey. We had lunch with my mother at a food canteen in Lokoja.

As we proceeded in our journey we got to Okene, our driver was stopped on the way because there was an ongoing masquerade festival. We had to pack and passed the night in a nearby village

The following morning, we continued our journey. Finally we got to Ibadan some minute to 12pm. We were warmly welcomed by my aunty who I usually called Aunty Minnat. We ate rice and fish stew with her family for lunch and we rested a bit. Later in the day, I played with my cousins by name Nabila and Ajoke. I was captivated by the beautiful scenery around their house

On the 5th August, Aunty Minnat took her family and I to a garden at Agodi Gate around the state secretariat, it was a good tourist park. We relaxed and played some games such as Carossle Horse riding, swimming and so on. We also went to the wildlife zoo where I saw a lot of wild animals such as lion, tiger, a big baboon, monkeys and some colorful birds such as the golden eagles, I had a lot of fun.

Before leaving Ibadan, I paid a visit to my old friends, Damilola, Karima, and others, it was really an unforgettable experience for me.

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