A visit to my village- by Hafsa Bala Na-Allah

  • Contributed by : Hafsa Bala Na-Allah
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  • Age : 11
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I visited my village for a wedding ceremony, it was a very interesting traditional wedding of my cousin. A lot of our extended families came around. I ate a lot of ‘tuwo’ and ‘miyan kuka’, our traditional meal.

Later in the day, I went to the village market and also visited the Emir palace where I saw some old men wearing the same types of cloth and I asked my mother who are they? My mummy told me that they are called ‘Dogarai’;(the kings men).

My grandparent’s compound is very big. My grandfather has rams, goats and Chicken on a small piece of land where he is raising them. I also visited the largest cattle market (kasuwa tike), where I saw many cattle in the market including camels, I really enjoyed the visit to my village.

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