Time and Tide waits for none- By Malavika Krishna

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It would be absurd if I ask you, ‘have you been to any seashore’. Obviously your answer would be a very firm YES. But if I ask you ‘have you noticed the pattern of tides sitting there? Have you noticed how it goes up and down in a rhythm? Have you noticed its frequency? You know, we feel like they are approaching us in a dancing periodic pattern and end up as small waves embracing the shore in harmony with the wind. Tides don’t wait to see if someone is watching them. They don’t wait for any instruction to move forward. One tide may be a weak gentle one. That doesn’t guarantee you that the next one also is gentle. It could be a gigantic one to sweep you away. Can anybody stop it from touching the shore; never.

Nature is the best teacher for us. Our forefathers were very good at educating people in comparison with nature and they compared TIME with TIDE. There are lot of instances in life where we find ourselves running out of time and not being able to complete a designated task or anything  else ‘On Time’. The main reason for this is that human mind is inclined laziness and procrastination. Instead of today, we might keep it for the next day, then the next, the next, the next and finally we start overloading ourselves with a heap of work. That is the moment when we start panicking in the fear of what might happen if the task is not completed ‘On Time’. There you go. This is what we average students go through. Relaxing first and then burning the midnight oil is not a good idea. Instead, try proportioning our day in such a way that we work and relax together. This will help us to complete our work on time without the last minute hastiness.

Always keep in mind that time is like tide. They go in their own pace and way and follow their own system. They do not wait for anyone else. If a second is gone, it is gone forever. Do not waste your precious seconds because they are expensive than gems. Time and Tide waits for none.

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