Absence makes the heart grow fonder- By Nadia Mustaq

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One day, I and my sister had a fight. I was actually arguing with my sister for just a silly thing. She tried to calm me down. After trying so much she lost her temper. I was a hot tempered girl too. So we both lost our control and started to fight. Our fight went on and on and on………until my mom came to give us our tea. Then, we both realized that it was almost tea time. OH! We had started to fight since noon. Then we calmed down a bit. Then came a call and I ran to pick up. It was a call from my sister’s school. They were having a study tour. And my sister had to go for the study tour the next day, for a week. After she had gone I was so happy but only for the first few days. Then I realized that I was actually missing her a lot. I never thought I would ever miss her! I was missing her in many ways like watching horror movies together, waking up early at holidays, playing pillow fight and so on. I was trying to cheer up myself but I couldn’t. So I was waiting for the day my sister arrived. I and my father went to pick her up at the airport. As soon as I saw her I ran up to her and gave her a tight hug and I promised myself that I would try my best to control my temper. So this goes as the proverb says- ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER.

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11 Replies to “Absence makes the heart grow fonder- By Nadia Mustaq”

  1. Dear Nadia,Well done.. Your writing seems to be effortless and free flowing..Keep on experimenting with different types of books and engage in more and more reading ..Looking forward to more articles from you.

  2. Nadia..I can see a budding story teller here..keep up the good work.. looking forward to your next article..