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There is an old saying, ‘Beware of the Greek’s bearing gifts,’ which means do not trust enemies who give presents.  They can be playing a trick on us. This  saying  comes  from  the  Trojan  War  between  Greece  and  Troy.  The  queen  of  Greece  was  kidnapped  by  the  prince  of  Troy.  The  king  of  Greece  was  very  angry,  and  hence,  he  attacked  Troy.  After  ten  years  of  war,  Greece  came  up  with  a  plot.  They sent a huge wooden horse as a gift.  But, the horse was filled with Greek soldiers.  At night, they destroyed the city. So, this was the story of the Trojan horse.

The expression Trojan horse is also used in computer software which is a program that looks harmless but is a program that does damage to other programs. It is a destructive program in disguise of a normal program, if run it can damage and crash other programs in the computer.

Trojan Horse, be it in history or in software or in life teaches us to be cautious of innocent looking things. We should beware of enemies in disguise of friend and beautiful gifts from them which could harm us. We should be cautious and not trust strangers easily.


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