A friend in need is a friend in deed- By-Jasleen Kaur Kochar

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There are many friends we have in our lives. But of them only a few deserve to be called true friends. I remember an incident in my life a few days back, which taught me this important lesson. One Monday, I got up late in the morning and was shocked to see that the clock was showing 8 AM. I hurriedly took a shower and was getting ready for school. In this hurry, I slipped in the bathroom and had hurt my knee. I somehow managed the pain and reached school.

When I reached the school, the teacher took us out for a football match. I could hardly walk. The game began. When I tried to kick the ball, I fell down on my back. I could not bear the pain. All my friends and class fellow started laughing at me. I felt very ashamed. All of them left me alone and kept laughing as I kept lying there.

It was Ajita, one of my class fellows, who ran towards me from the other end and helped me stand. She consoled me and tried all measures to make me stand. Our teacher ran towards me and made me sit outside the ground. Ajita kept sitting beside me and didn’t join other friends in the match. She was with me the whole day and came with me to drop me home after the school was over.

It was this day I learnt an important lesson and believed the proverb to be true as it said, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

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