Beauty Lies in the eye of the beholder- By Anju Marya Jose

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This proverb is very relevant especially nowadays when all around you there is a lot of construction new parks, resorts and many wonderful things   being established . What maybe considered  beautiful by one person may not be considered by someone else . Beauty is a combination of different qualities in something especially in sight .Beauty means different things to different people .The meaning of beauty is influenced by different surroundings and different people  .This means that beauty dose not exist on its own but it is created by others.

Different people have different perspectives on looking at the same tings .This because of a game played by the mind and the eyes which reflects on our vision and sight. Beauty for me as a person is being the best possible version of yourself in the inside as well as the outside because “an original is always better a copy” .Everything around has beauty in it but not everyone sees it or even tries to see it . The most beautiful eyes are   definitely those that seek beauty in others including themselves. But beauty is not something that always needs or requires to be seen by the eyes but it can also be felt by the heart . Even though beauty attracts the eyes ,character and personality of a person is what captures the heart .According to me beauty is what comes from within and that reflects on your eyes, that’s the beauty that is experienced by the beholder .This can bring about a change in even the smallest thing around because not everyone see’s things similarly only they can decide what they want they want to see Bit if the eyes are sad and week then no beauty would be seen and felt by the eyes.

So always look at everything with happy eyes to realize the beauty in things around you To always have happy eyes one must have a clear mind and  heart with a positive attitude toward everything around them. Thus people say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the most liberating and inspiring thing about this wonderful proverb is realizing that you yourself are the beholder. This is what empowers us to find beauty in different things  , words and even places around us where people still haven’t found beauty in yet. This makes a difference in what you have seen and other’s still haven’t seen.

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