Absence Makes Heart Grow Fonder-By Gurupreet Singh Kochar

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It was the first day of my summer vacations and I had many plans on how to enjoy it. But being overexcited, I could not think what exactly to do and how to start my first day of the vacation. My eyes caught the glimpse of the video game I had in my cupboard. I grabbed t over and started playing it. I got so involved in it that I had no idea what all was going around. After some time my younger sister came to me and wanted me to play with her. I simply told her to stay away and not to disturb me. But after some time she again came to me with the same silly request.

When she didn’t get proper response from my side, she made a plan to visit maternal uncle’s home with mom. I was totally unaware of it. She started packing her stuff and was ready to leave about in an hour. My mom came to the room to tell me that they were leaving. I frowned on knowing this, but could do nothing. I was frustrated and punched hard on the bed. But that was all I could do.

They left me alone to take care until my dad came back home in the evening. I tried to feel happy… yes I had to try to feel happy..but I couldn’t . Now the video game I was playing was no more an attraction for me. There were a lot more ways I could have entertained myself, but none of them attracted me.

I started feeling bored. I wished, if my younger sister and mom were there, I could have enjoyed the day better with them. But then I realized that I did not pay attention towards them when they were near me. I had realized my mistake and learnt a lesson of my life, ‘ABSENCE MAKES HEART GROW FONDER’.

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