If You can dream it, You can do it.-By Maahin Mubasher Mirza

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IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT- Walt Disney. Whenever I read this proverb, I have a feeling that I can really achieve whatever I want. I only need to have a dream and strongly believe that I can bring it into reality. When I am referring to a dream, I am not referring to Unicorns, flying cats or a mirror that can talk but to something that makes us excited and forces our self to achieve it. This proverb inspired me, as it actually worked for me!! I had always been dreaming of achieving a trophy as I always got certificates when I participated in competitions. When I was in fourth standard, during Arts Fest in my school, it was just one day before the award ceremony when a girl came in my class and told me to go to the auditorium. I was confused and had no idea why she had told me to go. When I reached the auditorium I got to know that I was the Kalathilak award winner!  I got 1st prize in group dance, group song and painting and I eventually received the Kalathilak award. I was filled with joy and could not control myself!  It was just like a dream come true! I just dreamt of achieving it and it came into reality. If others can do it why can’t we do it? That’s the question I always ask to myself .Keep your dreams in front of you and never forget,” If you Can Dream it, You Can Do It!”

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