You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs-Essay-By Devika Girish

  • Contributed by : Devika Girish
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  • School : The Indian Community School Kuwait Khaitan
  • Age : 13
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“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”, means that it is hard to achieve something important without causing unpleasant effects. This is perfectly correct as I am going to share with you an experience during last Arts Fest.

As everyone was aware that we had won first place in skit,  all wanted to join in our group for the upcoming Arts Fest skit. But the rule was that only seven members were allowed in one group. It was a very big problem as I was made the group leader. I was responsible for selecting the members. All my friends requested and wanted to join the group. I was really being cruel refusing most of them to be a part of the group. One of my friend’s parent even called me and talked to me very rudely, insulting me and said their child wanted to do the main character. As I knew that the competition would be very tough I selected the best students who can really act well. Everyone was cross with me. Oh!!!!! This made me really upset and I even thought of quitting the group. Even though they all criticized me, we all went on practicing.

At last it was the day of the skit. We all did our roles very well. Our skit became the center of attraction. After the skit everyone congratulated us. Then two to three days later the results were declared and our group bagged the first position. All those who criticized me started appreciating………….

So to conclude to attain success, sometimes we have to speak impolitely or we may be separated from everyone but the result will be favorable to us……

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