“Action speaks louder than words”-Essay by- Ann Tressa Tony

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The famous American Humanist Ralph Emerson once said "What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you said". These words of Emerson remind us of the way,now a days, how the personality influences others than the mere words.But WHY? Words do not come out of a vacuum on the other hand,they do reflect and represent once personality.In other words, words come from the depth of our hearts.Normally , a person cannot betray his/her personality through words.However,i admit that there are hypocrites who do not show their genuine personality through their words.

The former American President Calvin Coolidge once said :" No one was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave".The giving that Coolidge mentions here is explicitly the service we do for the society.In the world history we come across the lives of great people who dedicated their whole lives for the betterment of this world.Their dedication has changed the destiny of this world.In other words they may our present world a better warm.Most of them were not eloquent speakers nor successful crowd pullers.Still,they achieved what eloquent speakers and crowd pullers couldn't. In that sense , they have contributed much more than the speakers.

Therefore,as the inhabitance of this better world,we are profoundly indebted to this humanist.I do recall the humorous expression of the Irish Dramatist Bernard Shaw:those who can do ,those who cannot ,teach. The people who are really committed to the development of the world would neither wait for others no exhort others to bring out that development. They would do it themselves.Such attitude make the difference. Let us hope for a world that abounds in number of doers than speakers.

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