Essay on One good turn deserve another-By Rokiba Adelabu

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The meaning of the proverb' One good turn deserve another' is that when some one helps you in a much needed situation, we should also give back when we get the right opportunity. This proverb is very relevant in today's times especially when the qualities like kindness ,compassion and helping mentality is fast disappearing from our society.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Lanre. He had a wife and two children. The family was very poor but kind. The name of his children are Biola and Biodun. Lanre was educated but jobless. One day he went for an interview but as usual when he got there he was told that another person had occupied the space and was told to leave his contact number in case of any vacancy. Thereafter, he started some menial jobs like part-time driving, blacksmith and cobbling in order to raise money for his family.

Not so long, the children were sent back home for not paying school fees and on their way they saw a man lying in pain, they were scared to go near the man. They fear that the man maybe a thief or a rapist or a ritual killer or kidnapper, so they went home and informed their parent of what they saw. The parent went to help the man. After a while, the man got well, feel better, and really regained his health. He narrated his story and he told them he is the CEO of Badmus Group of Companies. Unfortunately, they lost contact with the man when he traveled out of the country for good five years. When he returned from the journey, he looked all over the place for Lanre and his family but could not locate his house. One day, he decided to board a commercial and local cab and the next person he saw was Lanre. They were very happy to see each other again the man thanked Lanre for the favour he did for him and gave Lanre a job as the General Manager of Badmus Group of Companies. Lanre became well off and there and then built a supermarket for his wife. The children rejoined the school and this time one of the best private schools and they lived happily after.

From this story we can see that when lanre helped that unknown man by informing his parents, he got back the fruits of his goodwill gesture, even after many years.  So One good turns deserve another.

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6 Replies to “Essay on One good turn deserve another-By Rokiba Adelabu”

  1. Wow! Facinating! Indeed one good turns deserve another. I Really enjoy the story And i will always be kind to people cos i don’t know who will save me tomorrow