Essay on Importance of Failure- by Justin Sebastian

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A.P. J Abdul Kalam, the Ex-president of India once said. If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "first Attempt in Learning". We all will agree that at some point of time in our lives we have tasted the bitterness of failures, rejections and disappointments. The famous words by A.PJ Abdul Kalam gives us the directions on how to face failures in life.

Just like two faces of the coin, success in life also comes with failures. In fact, there can be no success without failures. If we look at the life stories of great persons, they never reached the heights of success directly. Failure always ignites the beginning of a new phase. Let’s look at our childhood and see how we learned to walk. We must have crawled first and then tried to sit and then grabbed on to something in our attempt to stand. Can we remember how many time we have failed in our attempts? But we never stopped trying and finally succeeded. Life is also similar to this. We will learn new skills and adapt to new circumstances after the failure. Thomas Alwa Edison failed at least thousand times in making Electric Bulb but eventually succeeded. Can we imagine what would have happened if he got fed up on his 100th attempt and diverted his focus to something else? But each failure was an opportunity for him to improve his model and finally he mastered it. The great Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before tasting success and Albert Einstein was once expelled from the school.

So friends, its perfectly OK to get failed. It’s not something to be afraid of. Accepting the failure is the first big step. We have to approach it honestly and also it’s important to take failures as an opportunity to analyze the cause and rectify it so that we can be successful next time. SO let’s face failures with a positive mind and consider it as a stepping stone to success

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